How to approach communications during this uncertain time - PR advice

How to approach communications during this uncertain time - PR advice

Dragonfly Creative highlights a few tips to guide your business in handling its PR and marketing efforts during this time.

Covid-19 has changed many things including the way we live, work, and do business. The way you conduct your public relations (PR) during this time needs to reflect these Covid-19 changes, as this will be vitally important for your company's reputation. It is worth considering the following:

Its important to plan

Having a PR plan in place is vital in times of crisis. Covid-19 is constantly evolving and changing the way many businesses are operating. Organisations, therefore, need to be able to respond to any changes appropriately and communicate them effectively.

It is important to plan now, for all the possible eventualities such as from infected staff members and office closures to a shortage of clients, and payment issues. Alongside scouting out all these different possible scenarios, businesses should also be preparing a PR plan which addresses these potential eventualities. This can include developing relevant press lines and statements about these scenarios, so that you are ready, should you be approached by the media.

In addition, the PR plan should cover press opportunities that could benefit the business in this difficult time. While gaining press coverage is not a simple matter, successful media publicity is a great way to show your business being active and caring at this time.

Be mindful

The current situation has showed the best and worst of business during this time. With the country being in lockdown, people losing their jobs and businesses having to close, to represent the best 'tone of voice' it is so important that brands address COVID-19 with empathy and mindful marketing.

Law firms, finance advisers and many more are uploading articles that offer insightful information that can help other businesses through this difficult time. Not only is it a kind notion to support other businesses, but it is a brilliant way to connect with your customers, build a positive brand reputation and generate engaging content for potential clients.

Communicate with employees

It is important to think about internal as well as external communications at this time. A company should discuss any issues or worries with all staff members and ensure that any information being released has all the correct and relevant facts.

With so much uncertainty, it falls to company leaders to be the calm voice of reason and reassure employees. This involves keeping in mind that how you communicate is just as important as what you communicate; whether it be email or phone call, be clear, supportive and kind.

Be proactive online

Before the Covid-19 outbreak, predictions showed an upward growth of online business across a range of sectors. With these latest events, the numbers are increasing at a faster rate than expected.

Social distancing and isolation has led to greater use and variety of online platforms, such as for allowing people to stay in touch with friends and family, to buying items online and having them directly delivered. This could form the basis for a further expansion of online communication and business. For example, ecommerce was projected to have 22 percent of the total retail sales by 2023. It seems likely that this number will be reached by the end of this year.

Beyond the potential for increases in online sales, businesses need to think proactively about turning to social media and taking full advantage of its potential. Many more people are currently at home all day and one of their best sources of information is social media. Posting achievements, relevant news, insightful content, or anything that you think might be useful for your followers can have a positive effect on your reputation and achieving your business goals.

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